CGP услуги

Our combat guard are covering the following venues.

Department stores

Combat Guard keep security and assist staff & customers. Our guards offer comfort and complacency to employees and customers. Thieves will hesitate about targeting..


Guards are the first point of contact. They are the first line of defacing against unauthorized intruders & trespassers. Guards must monitor elevators maintain check-in & out..

строительные площадки

Combat Guard equipped with the latest in surveillance & security equipment combination of drones and cameras. To Cover the construction sites.


Combat Guard Are highly motivated. In 24 hours of contact with the central control base, he will be monitoring day and night vision cameras, also equipped..

Ночные клубы

Our combat guard greet patrons and customers at the clubs; they will protect the club’s founder, employees, and guests. And prevent any criminal activity..

shipping + container yard

Combat Guard are equipped with night vision drones to cover every inch of yards while the guard away from the guard box is controlled and in constant contact..