One of the most frequently asked questions of a private investigator is ‘can you find out if my girlfriend/wife/ boyfriend/husband/partner is being unfaithful. Many people in long-term and settled relationships can find themselves in circumstances where they feel, for whatever reason, that their partner may not be completely honest.

Probably the worst part of this situation is simply not knowing, and that’s where we can help. Many of the cases we are asked to investigate result in a report for the client which says that their partner is entirely faithful. In some cases, we’ve found that their behaviour change is because they are planning a surprise for their partner, or are under some other kind of stress.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

The first step is to get in touch through our contact form and do a consulting with us where you can tell us your concerns. We will listen to you and advise you what you may be able to to do next. Calls are free from a landline and also from a mobile and we will give you a free assessment of how we can help and how much it will cost.

Many people call us when they simply have a ‘feeling’ or ‘gut instinct’ that their partner is being unfaithful. This can range from marital infidelity to a girlfriend or boyfriend seeing another person but whatever the circumstances it can be emotionally damaging. Often there are a number of tell tale signs which at first are ignored, but as time goes on they accumulate and raise suspicions.

Now this in itself isn’t a sure sign that they are being unfaithful, after all, we know that as relationships develop people start to take their partner for granted and can sometimes simply be focusing their attention elsewhere. It’s all too easy to have your head turned by a simple bit of flattery. It can, however, be a first sign that all is not well when they don’t want to spend time with you or even talk to you and are preoccupied with something or someone else.

This often manifests itself in them becoming angry towards you for no apparent reason and aiming cruel comments at you for no particular reason. Sometimes this can lead to emotional and physical abuse and more often than not this is simply a coping mechanism as they know that they are in the wrong but are looking to deflect blame elsewhere. A reaction from you to their behaviour could help them justify why they don’t want to be with you any more.

Often a give-away sign, this is one of the most obvious signs. Your partner suddenly seems to have to stay late at work more often, or they need to go out more than they used to. Excuses can range from needing to get fresh air, going to the gym more frequently or taking up a hobby that requires them to be out for considerable periods of time.

A partner suddenly taking more pride in their appearance, or showering and wearing fragrance more frequently can be an indicator that something is wrong. Typically this will manifest itself in a change in grooming habits, a sudden change in their wardrobe, fashion and appearance and possibly a drive to improve their personal fitness.  Any or all of these can be a sign.

The onset of social media, easy to set up email accounts and mobile phones, now gives endless opportunity.  A sure sign of an unfaithful partner is passwords being changed, mobile phones being hidden or even access protected and internet history being deleted, 2nd devices such as tablets, can now be commonplace in the household with each member having their own specific device, allowing for secrecy.

The most frequent and obvious of these changes is the way people react to members of the opposite sex however it can sometimes be the way they behave towards members of the same sex. Typically partners will become more flirtatious with other people and their attitude changes so they would appear, to someone who has never met them before, as if they are single.

Clearly some or all of these behavioural changes may be nothing more than your partner taking an interest in their own appearance and looking to improve their lives with you, rather than without you, however when two or more of these signs are present it can often be that they are attracted to someone other than you. Catching your partner being unfaithful, is often quite difficult, particularly if you have a family as finding the time or resources to follow them without being seen is almost impossible.

At Insight, we have over 30 years’ experience in handling matrimonial investigations and understand completely not only how distressing this can be, but also how we need to handle this sensitive situation. We have investigators who are highly experienced in matrimonial investigations and can help assist in discovering the truth.

Of course, not all the signs explained here are positive signs of an unfaithful partner, they could indicate other traits brought about by pressure from work, financial problems or a multitude of possible causes. Insight Investigations will investigate the matter for you discreetly and provide you with whatever the truth is and the evidence you need to make an informed decision.