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We can provide you with a complete private security solution. Whether you are looking for security in your home or your business, we can tailor our service to your requirements.

Security at work

For companies, investing in private security services can help ensure the safety of your business and employees. At Insight Investigations we can provide a comprehensive range of equipment and bespoke private security services to protect your environment and assets whilst still complying with stringent legal standards. We also have the experience and expertise to help you determine the best security plan for your specific needs. We do this by conducting a thorough risk analysis to help you understand where threats might be and how you can counteract them.

Specific services that we can provide for your business include;

  • CCTV installation to monitor your premises and cameras to uncover suspected theft or other criminal activity.
  • Installation of vehicle tracking devices so that you know precisely where your vehicles are, understand where your inventory is located, and know what your employees are up to.
  • Forensic examinations of your computers to ensure that they are not being used inappropriately.

Due to major terrorist events, the world has changed significantly over the last decade. Security has become a major priority for many companies, so much so that many companies budgets now factor in security services as a crucial part of their overall spending programme.

Choosing the right security plan for your business will protect not only your employees but also your vital data records. Especially important with online security now being a significant threat for many organisations.

Security in the home

In the home we can provide you with CCTV installation to minimise the risk of crime and record the actions of people who may be vandalising your property or demonstrating anti social behaviour towards you. Hidden cameras in your home can also be installed if you suspect people who enter your home on a regular basis, perhaps a cleaner or a care worker for an elderly relative, of doing something that they shouldn’t be doing.

An increasing part of our service for home owners is providing software or forensic examinations of home computers to ensure that children are protected from some of the dangers and unsavoury elements that can present themselves through the internet

At Combat Investigation Agency we offer a wide range of Private Security Services including:

We have many years experience, from providing large scale security services in high profile companies to CCTV installations for private home owners. Whatever the size and specification of your security needs, we can help you.