Residents & Accommodations

Guards are the first point of contact. They are the first line of defacing against unauthorized intruders & trespassers. For Our Guards, regularly monitoring elevators, maintaining a check-in &- out list, and ensuring that all tenants are safe from harassment is a standard procedure. Also, attacks from mails & packages will be prevented. There is 100% in emergency response, including fire & Life-threatening injuries. All guards are in continuous contact with the central command center and supervised 24 hours with help by a live camera  & personal tracker.

For remarkably productive residential security guard services in Thailand, Combat Investigation Agency’s security guards are the ones to be relied upon! There’s no shortage of options when you look for a condominium security solution, but we serve the purpose to the maximum potential. We are your condominium security guard company in Bangkok as all our combat guards trained by highly experienced professionals to attain a higher degree of observation skills, quick reflexes, extensive physical fitness, excellent ability to protect the client and the property, and being honest, loyal and highly disciplined at work.