Combat Guard & Patrol

The purpose of "Combat" is to prevent, reduce danger, and conflict events, even in critical circumstances. Our duty is to serve clients with experience, knowledge, and maximum security.

Security Guard Services & Solutions

We understand the importance of your and your family’s safety and that it is your utmost priority. We at Combat Investigation Agency are here to serve you with the world-class guard security services in Bangkok. Right from the security services to private investigations, you can reach out to our team of professionally trained security guards for hire in Pattaya and need not worry about their safety at all.

Our high-tech surveillance system and burglar alarm solutions have made us one of the most trusted security guard service companies in Thailand. We have been offering top-notch security with our professional technicians and installation team for the last ten years. Being a highly trusted security guard services company in Thailand, Combat Investigation Agency has got you covered with 100% customer satisfactory solutions related to security and investigation from private households to corporate consumers.

If you are looking for well-uniformed and highly trained security guard solutions in Bangkok to provide you with optimum security, contact us today!

We provide a


CGP Services

Combat Guards keep security and assist staff & customers. Our guards offer comfort and complacency to employees and customers.

Guards are the first point of contact. They are the first line of defacing against unauthorized intruders & trespassers.

Combat Guards equipped with the latest in surveillance & security equipment combination of drones and cameras. To Cover the

Our combat guards greet patrons and customers at the clubs; they will protect the club’s founder, employees, and guests. And prevent any criminal

Combat Guards Are highly trained to ensure that the place is watched from surprising visitors and reporting suspicious events directly to the management.

Combat Guards are equipped with night vision drones to cover every inch of yards while the guard away from the guard box is controlled

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CIA Services

Our dedicated luxury car rental team is ready to tailor the best car for your needs. We have a variety of premium luxury Cars with experienced drivers.

We verify that a person is who they claim to be. Background checks provide an opportunity to check criminal records, education, employment history.

Our discrete Escort-Guards can act as your nightlife guide and accompany you to all the hottest spots in town!

In our comprehensive Workshops we consult and show you, how to use Spyware products on your phone or PC

Our IT-Experts will consult and setup a proper Network Security solution that will not be breakable.

Our experienced Surveillance-Guards will get any kind of Evidence you need. We are specialised and professionally equipped.